Avoderm Chicken Rice Dry Dog (6×4.4LB )

Avoderm Chicken Rice Dry Dog (6×4.4LB )

Avoderm Chicken Rice Dry Dog (6×4.4LB )

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AvoDerm Adult Chicken Meal & Brown Rice dog food provides healthy balanced nutrition for your adult dog. High quality ingredients ensure that you are providing the optimal nutrition your pet needs.No Corn. No Wheat. No Artificial Colors.AvoDerm has vitamins, minerals, and antioxidant nutrients to help protect your dog’s immune function.AvoDerm is formulated to be rich in high quality fats and oils with a balanced Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acid ratio. The right nutrients in the right proportions are indispensable to keeping your dog’s skin healthy. Sometimes shortages or excesses of specific nutrients can lead to thin, rough coats. Avocado and avocado oil can help support the skin and coat from the inside out for the protection your pet needs.Feed AvoDerm regularly to sustain the highest level of nutrition for your dog from the inside out. AvoDerm Adult Chicken & Rice Canned Formula is also available.Available in 4.4, 15 and 30 lb. bags.

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