Childlife-Nutrition For Kids Colstrm 4 Kds (1x50GRAM)

Childlife-Nutrition For Kids Colstrm 4 Kds (1x50GRAM)

Childlife-Nutrition For Kids Colstrm 4 Kds (1x50GRAM)

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ChildLife’s Probiotics with Colostrum provides Nature’s ultimate formula for enhancing a child’s health, vitality, immune and digestive strength. It is the only formula for children that contains Probiotics prepared with Colostrum. This combination creates a very unique product for enhancing both immune system* and digestive strength.Health TipColostrum is nature’s first food for the immune system. ChildLife uses the finest bovine Colostrum that has been naturally harvested and specially prepared with Probiotics to enhance the health and vitality of your child’s immune and digestive system.Ingredients: Colostrum 1400 mgRice Tocotrienols 200 mgF.O.S. (Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides) 200 mgProbiotic bacteria 4 billionProviding: Bifidobacterium BreviBifidobacterium LongumLactobacillus Acidophillus* Childlife uses only the highest quality ingredients. Contains no soy, egg, yeast, wheat, corn, or alcohol. No artificial colorings. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives. – See more at: http: – – – page – C – PROD – CLE0600#sthash.dzgo9O9F.dpuf

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